The Pathway to Remembering Self

The Pathway to Remembering Self,” is a 28-Day Program that guides you toward inner transformation and into self-realization. This program is aimed at changing your habitual patterns, through awareness, looking deeper within yourself to identify and shed old layers of conditioned patterns and programming.

The program is designed to take you from one level to the next and it will walk you through daily practices to developing new routines, creating a positive, healthy, peaceful. abundant and a happier life for yourself and will affect everyone around you. Through practices in the workbook, you will learn how to meditate and balance your energy, locate and heal the blocks in your life that keep you from having the life you dreamed of.

Do you see others living their dream life and wonder, why couldn’t that be me? I am here to help you discover the truth. This is YOU! The only thing stopping you from that desirable life you dream off, is you!

Sometimes the issues in our life and feeling unable to change are caused by the feeling of lack in our lives, lack of wealth, health, love, prosperity, wisdom and understanding; Not knowing where the issues are, not to mention, how or what to change about yourself to reach that ultimate state. This program will show you the HOW, WHAT, and WHY your habits need to change, in order to lead a fulfilling life. the real truth is, it’s not really a change, it’s just letting go of patterns and conditions, finding peace and opening space within us to REMEMBER who we are, our natural state of being.

You will be incorporating elements of Reiki and Chakra meditations, night and day routines, journaling, space cleansing and de-cluttering, crystal healing, self-analysis and aspiration development. Incorporating all of these new practices into your daily life and into your lifestyle will naturally transform your habitual patterns and you will learn how to keep negative habits at bay and recognize when you may be regressing back into them.

What will I need for this program?

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Optional items – Favorite Crystals, SAGE or other cleansing herbs and a journal.

  • You will receive a gift box when you join with many tools you can use during the course of the program.
  • A safe space to practice that is preferably quiet and free of distraction at home or a location of your choosing, (mobility service is available, on a client to client basis)

The root to changing any of these negative habits start with the development of habits that are PROVEN to change how you feel and open up your mind and being able to process emotions, including situations that make us feel stuck. This program gives you a full 28-day proven plan to change:

This course will also help you to re-invent or explore your life purpose and aspirations, which comes naturally over the length of this course which is based on self exploration and development.

Changing habits can be difficult without a solid plan, practical guidance, and support. This program was developed understanding that difficulty in order for you to focus on the meaningful work, without trying to figure out all the hard stuff.

This program is great for all levels of spiritual development, and even for those who are just wanting to learn more about various practices that can be incorporated into a lifestyle.

Your mentor is there to support you with scheduled weekly mentor meetings and assistance whenever you need it.

If you wish to continue your mentoring after the program ends, you can do this through spiritual mentoring in services

You will be guided by a series of videos, personalized meditations, mentoring sessions, practices and the module planner which is your guideline through this program.

This module plan can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


Core Concepts Explored in the Program;

  • The Nature of the Mind; Developing a Mindset
  • Manifestation and Purpose
  • Reiki Healing Techniques
  • The Seven Main Chakra Centers
  • Meditation and Practices
  • Finding your blocks that hold you back and rewiring new programs
  • Crystal Energy Work and Cleansing Your Space
  • Finding Balanced Harmony and flow in your life

Are You Still Wondering If It’s Right For You?

“The Pathway to Remembering Self” was developed for those who want guidance and a dedicated plan. You will strengthen and develop self awareness in order to understand why reoccurring patterns are happening that create pain, suffering or lack of contentment.

It is also for those who want to learn more about building motivation, momentum, awareness and creating healthy spiritual practices.

It is suitable for beginners of spirituality, self development, wellness or holistic health overall.

It is also suitable for yoga practitioners who need to open their Chakras and develop a meditation and healing routine

How You Will Benefit From The Program!

Depending on who are you as an individual, guided meditations and mentor sessions can be tailored to your needs and videos will be recorded to match those specific situations.

Develop authentic happiness, true aspirations and purpose by using the skills, knowledge, and tools that will be gained here.

This 28-Day Program, “The Pathway to Remembering Self,” is aimed at creating habits and a deeper understanding into topics of manifesting and inner development. It is an introductory development course meant to lead into a deeper practice and further advanced, long term mentoring and training.

The program is focused on creating positive habits; since it takes 28 days to form new habits, this program is developed for consistency and a plan of action are required.

Explore root causes of cycles or patterns that are holding you back.

Reconnect with your authentic nature while developing a foundation of knowledge within different spiritual practices.

Ignite your deepest aspirations including career and personal.

Connect with yourself and your chakra centers

“The Path to Remembering Self” is about reconnecting with authenticity.

Foreword from Dianna

There are many programs on that market that offer a wide variety of learning courses and practices. Unfortunately, it can sometimes add unnecessary anxiety just researching all the selections not really knowing what practice is right for you. This makes it even harder to choose.

Imagine spending all that time and funds to purchase a course only to discover, it’s not really what you are looking for. This adds confusion and stress in your life and more often than none, a person may give up on the idea before they even begin.

“The Pathway to Remembering Self” has all the elements, from beginning to completion. With my program, you won’t need to search for any additional course to make your program complete, it is an all inclusive mentoring program with customized healing meditations.

Pre-Book for this TRANSFORMATION Program

“The Pathway to Remembering Self.”

28-Day Program


The Pathway to Remembering Self – 28 Day Program Material

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