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Dianna Offrey-Clarke

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Dianna is a Holistic Healer, Reiki Master, and Practitioner living in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Advanced in the Chakra Energy Balancing Meridians and energy work, she is a mentor in manifesting and spiritual development, incorporating different practices for a full view.
Before becoming a Spiritual Mentor, Dianna, worked in the field of public service along side Mental Health, crisis, and other support roles. She has worked with all ages and groups within diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experience levels.
Dianna is especially inquisitive in helping children and youth discover the wonders of mindful living. Opening up opportunities, regaining self worth and removing limited beliefs early in life, allowing them to achieve their full potential.

Dianna understands the challenges that come with modern day life. After experiencing and peeling back her own layers, and developing herself from these tried-and-true methods and dedicated practices, she now mentors others in achieving, and seeing, the potential that exists in all of us.

The 4 M’s

The 4 M’s is a foundation philosophy in personal development and spiritual practice. These practices implemented together can be transformational. These 4 M’s are:

Mindset MentorMeditation – Manifestation

Mindset is the basis of all personal development, and without it, transformation isn’t possible. Manifestation is the result of being open to change and new ideas, which also comes from training the mind and body through meditation. Mentoring offers the bigger picture, personal advice, and clear direction.

“It is the purpose and destiny of human beings to evolve as conscious beings, and to be here as the expression of that deeper consciousness.” —Eckhart Tolle

Qualifications and Experience

Forward from Dianna

I have developed this program with the intention of inspiriting and guiding others through the process of Balancing and Harmonizing the Chakra Meridians and Reiki Healing. This can be achieved through Meditation, Stillness, and Infinite Metaphysical and Mind-Expanding possibilities. The result is to reach a place within themselves where true authenticity, love and peace, divine wisdom and infinite abundance resides. Finding their way back to self.

Over the last few years, I have done extensive research, reading, self-development and self-healing. Understanding the depth of who we are and balancing our mind and thoughts. This, along with Awareness, is the first step and skills to finding peace within and toward a stress reduced life.

We need to consistently harmonize ourselves in order to mentally and physically cope in this chaotic world we live in; learning to stay in a balanced life flow. The real challenges occur when we resist things that we cannot control, resulting in more challenges. Once we learn to release resistances and find our natural flow, life begins to work for us, not against us.

I especially love creating guided meditations to help people heal, develop intuitive senses, and to cleanse and clear the Chakra Energy Centers. My guided meditations allow listeners to experience alternate states of consciousness for healing, journeying and inner work, This is included in the program so that you keep yourself balanced on a regular basis. Eventually, you will come to know your emotions and body so well, that you will be able to answer to it.


Dianna is always available to answer questions and consult about suggestions and ideas that may interest you, or offer insight and guidance to your next step and level in your journey


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