Certifications and Training

Conscious Manifestation 

Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng.– Advanced In-depth practicing and teaching program on changing your external circumstances by changing your state of consciousness. Best Selling Author of The Power of Now, A New Earth, Stillness Speaks and numerous other titles.

Quantum Manifesting Code (LOA)

Law of Attraction – causes and conditions – creating your reality thought process and the art of releasing limited beliefs.  Destiny is not a manner of chance; it’s a matter of choice

  • Certified Manifestation Educator
  • Manifesting through Quantum Physics
  • The Cognitive Brain Function, Circuitry, Frequency and Vibrations

Master Reiki Healer and Advanced Chakra Meditation, Hypnosis and Advanced Crystal Healing

Emotional, Mental and Physical Healing, Mastering Energy to the Main Energy Advanced Chakra Meditation Practitioner, Applying Symbols, Mantra, Color and Visuals. (Reiki Master)

  • Distant healing specialist and space clearing
  • Meditation Teacher and script writing
  • Breathwork (Yogalap) Practitioner and Teacher
  • Certified Hypnotherapist Hypnosis and in writing hypnosis scripts
  • Advanced energy healer using crystals and know their purpose

Psychic Development

SAGE, (acronym for Spirituality, Alignment, Growth and Empowerment)- Certified Psychic Development Training and Mediumship Development – Aligning with your True Intuitive Self and how to communicate and allow guidance from other high vibrational dominions https://thesagemethod.com/

Mediumship Development

Certified under The School of Mystical Arts – World Renown Medium: James Van Praagh – Certified Medium, Level 1 – 2 https://jvpschoolofmysticalarts.com/

CBT Integrative Wellness Life CoachAwakened Relationship Mentor, Coach and Facilitator

Dianna is a fully trained and a Certified Wellness Life Coach. Includes Professional Relationship Coaching and Mentoring.


Dianna has had experience leading group meditations in the public service industry, and in a private setting. She has guiding individuals through some of their most difficult life situations in order to help them find balance, healing, and harmony. She is an active and dedicated practitioner to the craft, studying various topics and esoteric practices so that she can extend this knowledge towards her clients needs.


Dianna is always available to answer questions and consult about suggestions and ideas that may interest you, or offer insight and guidance to your next step and level in your journey


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