Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)- Wellness Life Coach and Mentoring Service

Do you have intense fear issues in certain situations? Does your fear and negative thoughts escalate so much that it interferes with you day to day living, social activities and quality of life?

Are you stuck and not sure what you want to do with your life? What your career goals or purpose is or even how to begin?

As a certified CBT Integrated Wellness Practitioner and Life Coach, it is my job to help you bring profound positive change back into your life

We will explore the CBI Wellness Principles:

  • Finding a sense of purpose and belonging
  • Give yourself permission to be ok with the things that give you the most pleasure in life
  • Learn how to tame the left brain from over thinking
  • Being self aware and observing ones behavior
  • Finding your creativity and imagination
  • Setting goals, no matter how tiny the steps are, is vital to human nature
  • Allow love in, learn how to give and receive it freely


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Who better to direct your path, than someone who once lost their own way and found there way back with purpose, passion and a great appreciation for life.