Does your inner child feel lost, disconnected, lonely or rejected? Perhaps the only contact that we have had in our inner child for a long time is to scold and criticize it. Then we wonder why we’re unhappy. We cannot reject that part of ourselves and still be in harmony within.

Love and acceptance

No matter what your early childhood was like, happy or sad, it is you, and only you, that oversees your life now. You can spend your time blaming your parents, your authority figures, life, circumstances, or you can embrace love, it is your choice to make! You can only base it on your own value and worth.

Love is the biggest eraser.. It erases even the deepest and most painful memories because love goes deeper than anything else. Think for a moment, what do you want, a life of pain or one of joy? The choice and power is always within you. Look into your eyes and love yourself and the little child within.

Ignoring our own true self

When we feel pain, what do we do? We usually run to the medicine cabinet and the drug store and take a pill. When we do this, we are saying to our body, shut up! I don’t want to hear you. Your body will quiet down for a while but then the whispering will return, this time a little louder than before.

Imagine what would happen if you were telling your friend something important and she wasn’t listening. You would say it again, probably louder. If she still didn’t listen, you might become agitated, lash out, feel hurt or just shut down. This is what we do to ourselves while we are trying to please everyone else, except the one that is most important, our authentic self.

Healing take time, it is not something that goes away by numbing it on the outside. Self discovery, self worth, authenticity is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Its only then that you find true happiness and contentment within yourself. Watch the doors open and paths light up for you. Creativity and self discovered and gifts you have are revealed, only then does life truly begin for you.

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