Manifestation and Mindset Mentoring Service

Your thoughts CREATE your REALITY

Train your thoughts – unconsciously, our mind is training us. Living consciously with awareness, you get to CHOOSE, in each moment, what you want to happen in your life; whatever is for your highest good. By nourishing the mind with positive routines, positive thoughts, choosing consciously, understanding subconscious programming, left brain, Ego, will get you more of what you want in life and take you out of the victim mentality.

It is fact and scientifically proven, that what we focus our attention on (think about, repetitiously) is what we create in our outer world, called the Law of Attraction. magnetically attracting a match for those thoughts. The subconscious mind doesn’t care if its negative or positive creations, it only knows how to give you what you want based on your thoughts of it. Our perspective of our outer world is a mere reflection of our inner reality.

Once you have defined which programming and conditioned beliefs you want to keep and the ones you want to let go off, you can then learn techniques to release the old patterns to make room, consciously choosing, for the new programming that you want to create in your life.

Master your mindset.

• The development of higher states of consciousness
• The shift from the personal to the transpersonal self
• The vitality and advancement of the light body

What are brain frequencies and vibrations? How does this affect us?

  • How can I be more positive when I wake up feeling depressed?
  • How can I look forward to things when I feel like there is nothing worth looking forward to?
  • How can I feel excited about life?
  • Why does my mind continually keep me awake worrying?
  • How can I manage this so that I can rest better, relax, and enjoy the present moments?
  • There is so much hurt in my past, how can I move forward without fear of it happening again?
  • How can I feel secure in my life? 
  • Are you afraid of being alone, have you every asked yourself why that is?
  • How can I create and attract wealth into my life, when I all I think of is the lack of it?

“True success doesn’t mean you never fail.” True success means you get back up and keep moving forward despite your failure and fear. It is the law of attraction that whatever you focus on consistently, you bring into your tangible reality. Your subconscious mind, gives you what you focus on. This can be positive, like health, wealth, love and superpowers; or it can also be negative, depression, fear, anxiety, and being to afraid to take a chance and step outside the box. The subconscious mind can’t distinguish between negative or positive, so it just has one task, to give you what you think about most in your mind, your thoughts. Knowing this, ask yourself, what is it I want to manifest and be aware that it is something positive; Then all you need to do is CHOOSE IT, commit to learning how to program the shift in mindset to match what you truly desire?


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