Meditation and Hypnotherapy Specialized Service

Your Meditation Practitioner

My Training, Mentorship, Coaching, Certifications and Specialize Experience include:

Reiki Master Energy Healer Practitioner, Advanced Chakra Meditation Practitioner; Certified Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy) Specialist; Creating and Scripting Healing Customized Meditations for Clients; Natural Therapy Herb and Ancient Healing Medicine Techniques; Meditation and Certified Teaching Practitioner; Advanced Crystal Healing Meditation Specialist, Energy and Space Clearing and Cleansing Certified Practitioner. Distant Healing Specialist; Sound Healing and Wave Frequency Advanced Training.

Deeper Inner Healing Meditations

What is Meditation? What are the benefits? Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated and ready for a change? Want to live your best life, create a better and healthier reality? Heal from the past and understand how to get unstuck in your negative spiral and change habitual patterns?

Is your life in chaos?

It feels awful when your life is in chaos. Fear takes over and soon you’re in emotional pain, and physical pain, too! Chaos can erupt in every part of your life: your career, relationships, finances, health, parenting, and during the empty nest experience. Gain a deeper understanding into meditation and it’s many uses.

Choose a meditation service that can help you move forward into the life you deserve. It is your birthright to be happy and you are worthy of it, claim it!

Meditation takes us deeper into inner peace, wisdom and infinite intelligence.

  • Surrendering and Letting Go
  • ZenLearn to be Still
  • Embrace the Present Moment
  • Slowing the Mind of Negative thoughts
  • Chant Meditations
  • Self Worth and Acceptance
  • Love thy Self – Affirmations
  • Grounding, Clearing and Protecting
  • Cleansing yourself and your space
  • Learning to Love and Accept yourself
  • Heart and Mind Synchronizing
  • Observe your thoughts and feelings without getting attached
  • Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Mantra
  • Connect to your intuition – Superconscious
  • Group meditation to enhance creativity and productivity
  • Lucid Dreaming What are your dreams telling you?
  • Hypnotherapy – Reprogram your memory and heal from your body and mind*****
  • Sleep Subliminal Programming
  • Manifestation and Abundance Visual
  • Brain Wave Frequency Sync
  • Couples and Relationships
  • Customized and Tailored to clients needs

Some of these meditations are added in the packages and program, however, they can be purchased separately. All Meditation includes a 15 Minute free Mentoring Session to explain the meditation, its benefits and practices to take home for further healing and self meditations.

Meditation and Hypnotherapy Specialized Service

60 Minutes Specialized Meditations – For Deeper Healing In House – Mobile – Virtual (specify when requesting service)


I have never meditated before so this was a great experience for me. I really enjoyed my session, Dianna, is an excellent coach and practitioner, I recommend this service to anyone.

Trudy B.


Dianna is always available to answer questions and consult about suggestions and ideas that may interest you, or offer insight and guidance to your next step and level in your journey


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