Relationship Mentoring and Coaching Service

What is an Enlightened Relationship?

As the world undergoes economic, social and energetic shifts, more and more of us are feeling drawn to raise our standards in relationships, especially our most intimate ones.

As our world view changes, our understanding of our roles and expectations also shift, and many of us are finding it easier to release relationships that no longer serve us. Those of us who are experiencing personal transformation are seeking partners
who are in alignment with our higher selves. Rather than continue to live out the patterns of our past, we seek a deeper connection, an enlightened relationship, a soul mate.

Key focus will be recognizing and changing patterns. Can you detect any patterns that have shown up in your relationships over and over again? What are they? Where do you believe they came from?

Have you ever thought “I married my father/mother” or “I just keep finding the same person”? What qualities keep popping up? What NEGATIVE qualities seem persistent?

Can you identify any “triggers” that you have? Certain words? Certain behaviors? What is the automatic reaction that you tend to have to these triggers?


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