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Declutter your Mind and Emotions

Make SPACE to ALLOW LOVE into your life

Letting Go!! When you drift of to sleep at night, what are your last thoughts? Do you wake up in the morning and your first thoughts are the same as what your last thoughts were, as if you hadn’t slept at all? Maybe its about what someone said to you that hurt you? Maybe something negative from yesterday, a year ago, or even 20 years ago? Your mind takes you back to that memory and suddenly, you’re feeling all those feelings again, depressed, angry, disappointed, discouraged, and you have developed a victim attitude – Look what life has done to me? Its not fair!

From this moment on, your day becomes your bad memories, your hurtful emotions, and you find it harder and harder to get up in the morning to start the day. You have just set intentions to have your worst day! You are feeding your mind full of negative thoughts, robbing you of any joy and positive intentions in this moment, this new day, and all it will do is bring you down.

Your mindset determines your life! When we hold on to negative memories, thoughts, old grudges, shame, guilt and relive this over and over, we create this same memory repeatedly. Our subconscious mind doesn’t know whether it’s happening now, a day ago, or 20 years ago. It just knows that you are feeling a certain way and believes it is happening that very moment. Sending the same signals to your body to feel that hurt, pain, fear, struggle, fight, or flight mode. Our thoughts are powerful and if you don’t understand this concept, we become a slave to our mind and negative thoughts.

Learning to release and forgive, to clear out of patterns, old karma, makes space for love, joy, happiness, abundance, and prosperity into your lives. When we spend a lifetime holding on to resentment and hate, we are not hurting the person that hurt us, we have become a victim and prisoner to it, way more than the moment the pain was inflicted. You owe it to yourself, to be free and live your fullest life. Not living in the past and pain of yesterday.

It we hold on to yesterday’s disappointments, it will take up so much space in our mind/thoughts/life, creating clutter and confusion until everything becomes a struggle just to make it through the day. You have trained yourself to expect the worst and that’s what life will give you. Life doesn’t happen to you; LIFE HAPPENS FOR YOU! This is concept to live by. It helps you to learn and grow and allows you to expand and become your truest version on yourself. Not what others expect or label you as, but what you expect for yourself, based on what you believe you are worthy to have.

These mini sessions will give tools and practices to help you identify these patterns and let go of those negative feelings. Understand that forgiveness of others, doesn’t condole their actions, but it releases you from the chains that hold you to this pain. You learn to make room for good to enter your life by sending out the message that you are not longer a prisoner of those feelings and thoughts anymore.


Set Intentions and Goal + Prosperity Prayers

POWERFUL Morning and Night Routines

Everyone needs a goal in life to express themselves through creativity, it’s our gift from the Divine. Those goals don’t have to start of big, they can be as small as committing to starting the day off with a positive attitude, talking to yourself in a loving kind manner. Not criticizing and complaining. Doing something you haven’t done before, go somewhere you haven’t been before, try something new. Smile when you don’t feel like smiling, compliment others, even if you force it a little starting off. It gets so much easier with practice, and very rewarding.

It could be a goal of, just before you fall to sleep, give yourself a pat on the back for making this day a better one and send yourself love. Set intentions to expect great outcomes for the next day when you wake. That your day will be filled with love, excitement, abundance, joy, creativity, new opportunities, or it could be just as simple as smiling more. Being y0our own individual creative spirit and allowing it to show and express itself in this platform of life, is the key to happiness. It starts with a CHOICE, what do you want your life to be?

These Mini Sessions will teach you new powerful morning and night routines, affirmations, how to pay attention to how you speak to yourself, that whisper in your mind that tells you you’re not worthy, you can’t do anything right! How to set clear, powerful, life changing intentions, goals, and prayers for prosperity to become part of your daily and nightly routine. This will change your life!

Dream Interpretation – Are you receiving messages?

Do you want to know what your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is trying to tell you?

Do you find yourself having the most confusing dreams? Have you had reoccurring dreams? Do you wake up in sweats and think, I must be losing my mind, why would I dream this? If you want to understand why we dream what we do and how to stop these reoccurring dreams and nightmare, decipher hidden messages and meaning’s, this is the mini sessions that will start you off with tools to help understand the symbols and countless ways that the universe (spirit world) is trying to communicate to us.

Our subconscious mind communicates with us thought dreams, numbers, and symbols, while your conscious mind (the gatekeeper) sleeps. During your waking hours you are guided intuitively with messages/symbols/numbers, that can be very helpful in our life, helping us achieve our fullest protentional and cautions along the way. Do you see tipple numbers often? It may be that the universe is calling you to action and helping you along the way! All you need to do is PAY ATTENTION!

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