Spiritual & Intuitive Mentoring Service

Do You Desire Clarity in Your Life?

Spiritual Awakening and Intuition: Transitioning from Chaos to Clarity involves calming the inner critic and developing compassion for yourself. My intention is to walk you through the various phases of transition, which often begin with physical, emotional, financial upheaval as well as in relationship or professional career. Releasing your inner energy is like stretching your body. It feels so expansive right after you stretch. Now, the key question is how do you keep that great feeling going? What does this service offer you?

Prevent regressions and spiritual burnout on your individual path (whatever that may be, including yogis!), advice and guidance, further your practice and advance your knowledge into areas of interest within the field of Reiki, Meditation, chakra development, and many other subjects including mindset management and manifestation, sessions for guided meditations and meditation advice, deepen your practice and advance your knowledge. Develop intuition and discover your life purpose.

Among these, please see the list below and ask yourself if any or all apply to you, if so, professional spiritual mentoring can help.

What is my life purpose?

  • I’m struggling to make decisions about my life?
  • Why do I feel stuck in this job, this life? Do you need help moving forward?
  • Do you question, why do bad things happen to me?
  • Do you find yourself always getting involved in the same kind of relationships? Repeating the same patterns.
  • Do you feel like something is holding you back in life? Wondering how to let go?
  • Am I sabotaging my own life?
  • Do you have a lot of fears; fear of being hurt, fear of being alone, fear of what people may think of you, fear of failing, and maybe you often feeling depressed.
  • How do I promote my soul’s evolution? Am I on the right path?
  • How do I create a meaningful and purposeful life?

Intuitive Insights

Intuitive mentoring to help you build
trust and confidence in your innate ability proceed in life with an innate knowing
about your life in a positive and spirit-filled direction.

  • How do I stay present, slowing the scattered and busy thoughts?
  • Let go of creating stories and negative outcomes
  • Learn how to say YES to your life
  • Awaken your inherent gifts and talents
  • How do I develop my intuition?
  • Learn how to relax and be in the present moment
  • Activate your self healing capacities
  • Confront your obstacles to self-love
  • Embrace your heart’s passion as fuel for self-realization
  • Discover the power within yourself to transform self-sabotage into self-love
  • Learn how to connect with and trust your Inner Guidance System
  • Expand your awareness about your life purpose and set goals to fulfil it
  • Discover your blind spots & what is holding you back from your highest good
  • Feel the support of your Spiritual Support Team and develop an ongoing communication and trust with them

Contact me at tuneinnerharmony@gmail.com for availability