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“Bring me your toughest challenge and I will help you see a way out of it”
― Dr Anujj Elviis

“As the poet plays with words, the musician with sounds and the painter with colours, so the tarotist plays with the interaction of tarot cards and the psyche.”
― Philippe St Genoux

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Current Distant Tarot services are offered online through WhatsApp, Facebook, and Email –

Services and Pricing Below | All pricing is in CAD

Fast Response time

Please pay on this website through the links given in under each service. You can also request a PayPal link when you contact me. Please reach out to me on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger with your requests. Reading are often done within 3 days of the request. I suggest having a chat with me or sending your requests before payment.

Monthly General Reading

$88 – This is monthly forecast reading that covers all areas of your life to career, love, aspirations and so on. Whatever messages arise in these areas will be the focus of the reading. Oracle cards are also used in this reading along with a custom or specific spread. This energy last up to 1 month.

Monthly General Reading


1 Question

$22 – This answers 1 single question you have in any area of your life and future. This reading is often aimed at providing present moment advice and insight into possible future trajectories of your question.

1 Question

Ask anything. People often ask questions related to relationships, career, and life purpose.


2 questions with bonus mini

£33 – Bonus price for 2 questions with a 3rd question being optionable and free as a mini reading. You get 1 free question answered as a mini reading (3 cards pulled) of your choice. Of course, you can opt out of the 3rd question if you don’t have one.

2 questions with bonus mini


6 Month Forecast

$122 – This reading is a 6 month forecast and covers all areas of your life. Oracle cards are also used and a custom or specific spread will be used. This reading may include numerology and astrology.

6 Month Forecast


Yearly Forecast

$222 – This is a very in depth forecast reading covering all areas of your life in more depth with monthly forecasts included. May include aspects of numerology and Astrology. Will include custom and specific spreads, and Oracle cards will also be used. A spirit animal card will also be pulled to analyse your current energies and blockages. As a bonus you will also be given an archetype mini reading that looks at where your current ego energy resides as an archetype and how this effects your life right now and possible future trajectories.

Yearly Forecast


What to send in your request:

Please include the below information with your request:

  • Your Full Name
  • Country you live
  • Date of Birth (Astrology and Numerology reasons, also it allows me to connect with you more specifically when I repeat your birth date during the reading)
  • Your Question (something you would like to know from the cards) or if you do not have a question, just say, “General”
  • Picture of you or loved one (Optional)

If your financial situation isn’t very good right now, there are other options. I offer readings at reduced rates for these instances or I will give a reading in exchange for feedback. Just let me know what your situation is. These reading however, will not be as detailed as paid readings but will cover your question and give you guidance and insight into your situation.

Further Reading

Tarot is a traditional and ancient form of Divination using a Deck of 78 cards known as Tarot

These cards are used together with a reader or “foreteller” (who could be an intuitive, psychic, astrologer, empath, or otherwise) whom acts as an intuitive channel to connect with you and your energy to provide guidance or messages through the cards. The cards themselves are a tool to connect with the physical plane, and essentially to us and our spirit, the cards themselves do not have any supernatural powers, the energy is channelled through the reader and then the cards are how that energy gets communicated into tangible messages we can understand. The foreteller pulls cards either intuitively or in a set spread and reads the cards to the seeker (querent/client). Every reader is unique and offers their own energy and perspective into their practice, making Tarot even that much more interesting and and diverse.

Tarot Readings and Oracle Cards

Tarot can be read alone or with other decks known as Oracle Decks, and sometimes these Oracle cards are used alone in what is known as Oracle readings. Oracle readings can be very specific, to the point, actionable, or provide specific information special to the oracle deck being used. Oracle cards are not often used in a spread or for storytelling but rather for immediate advice or insights for that day, a situation, or general knowledge, and a lot of time to compliment a Tarot spread when trying to gather more information.

They can be affirmations, symbolisms, astrological signs, words or images that represent something. They are often pulled daily for upfront advice, most are to the point or provide an in depth analysis. Tarot is used more for telling a story of a person or situation, providing advice or outcomes seen in that reading, and defining big major spiritual experiences that may happen or have happened in the querents life. The tarot also provides practical advice on everyday situations which can provide advice into how these situations can be changed depending on the other cards surrounding it, or insights into how we can change the trajectory of a current situation or internal transformation.

General Readings, Love, Health, and Career

With readings, the seeker often comes to the reader with a question, or is searching for general or specific advice in an area of their life or current situation.

General readings cover all areas of life and will look at the energies surrounding Relationships, Career, and any other messages that appear. General readings can be read openly without a question or you can ask a general question such as “A lot of changed are happening to me, what should I focus on right now? or What do I need to know about myself and my life right now?”.

Love & Relationship readings cover all areas of a querents love life and relationships including current relationships, friendships, past relationships, love coming in (singles), marriage and anything romantic or platonic related, including family and work relationships. This reading is accompanied by a question, if you do not want to ask a question then it’s best to state where you want the love and relationships reading to focus (example: Love coming in/singles).

Career readings cover all areas of a querents career including current career, aspirations, future career, advice on taking an offer, decision making, goals or desires, purpose and anything else related to career, hobbies, and aspirations. This reading is accompanied by a question, if you do not want to ask a question then it’s best to state where you want the careers reading to focus.

Health covers any health related issues about yourself or how you may be able to help someone who is unwell.

Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology

Tarot can be accompanied by numerology and Astrology, depending on the reader. The study and practice of these rich subjects have ancient philosophical roots.

Numerology is the study of numbers to explain the relationships between humans and the universe, including future or current events. Astrology is the study of celestial objects such as planets and stars from the time a person was born, in order to predict a persons life protectories/events/personality traits or life aspirations.

The Readers

Dianna offers Tarot readings often with her additional services. She offers readings in person and works mostly with Oracle cards. She often pulls cards for clients intuitively. You can reach out to Dianna if you would like a reading from her through this webpage. You can also ask her about pulling cards for you when you see her for other services.

Shaunna Gould is an Empathic, Highly Sensitive, and Intuitive Tarot reader. She has been a Tarot hobbyist since 2014 and began reading professionally in 2021. She became very interested in Divination and the esoteric early in her life.

You can find her on Facebook as Sages Path Tarot

From Canada, and now living in the United Kingdom, she offers readings near or far. Her aspiration is to help others through Tarot in the way it has helped her for so many years with the guidance and insights it has given her throughout her life, like a trusted friend. Shaunna uses elements of Numerology and Astrology in her readings.

Shaunna is offering readings with Tune Inner Harmony, and is also the Daughter of Dianna, the Owner and Developer of Tune Inner Harmony.

For readings with Shaunna, contact her through this page. you can also write her on WhatsApp, Facebook as (Sages Path Tarot), and her email at

Shaunna is offering distant, email, and WhatsApp readings.

I am a very detailed reader, it is my purpose in this life to guide through the Tarot and help others to gain insights into their own lives. I take a lot of care in my readings and allow my intuition to guide me with the person I am reading for in my energy.

Aries * Taurus * Aquarius

Please see Tune Inner Harmony’s Disclaimer for Services below


Dianna is always available to answer questions and consult about suggestions and ideas that may interest you, or offer insight and guidance to your next step and level in your journey


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Readings are for entertainment purposes only, the reader or accompanying business partnerships are not responsible for any actions or decisions you may make if you decide to act on the advice or knowledge revealed during a reading. Tarot is not a substitute for professional mental or physical help from a doctor or otherwise and will not be held responsible for the outcome of any situation in the querents (clients) life. However, medical or mental health advice may be given during a reading and it is up to you to make decisions about it thereafter without placing any responsibility on the reader. All readings, once sent to the client, are final and refunds will not be given.